Bill cozy with his cameraLocation: Kings Beach, CA





Photography is genetic in my family stretching back five generations. Both my great-great and great-grandfathers were photographers living on the edge of the American frontier. Shortly after the end of The Civil War they photographed many of the pioneers heading west leaving behind Over 10,000 glass-plate negatives which currently reside in the Smithsonian Museum. My grandfather and father were enthusiastic amateurs.

My path into photography was through adventuring. I’ve been mountaineering in many of the world’s highest ranges including expeditions to the Himalaya in Tibet, Nepal and Pakistan. I’ve made numerous climbing and skiing expeditions to Alaska including skiing in the far away Aleutian Islands in the Bering Sea. The desire to capture and communicate the power of what I experience provides the impetus for being a photographer.

Photography takes me to stunning locations. I photograph in order to be awed by nature and to share the beautiful moments experienced on the photographic quest. I hope that my photos evoke an experience of almost other-worldly beauty and power. Nature occasionally graces the questing photographer with such rare moments.

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